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Southwestern Bell Sleekline Telephone (Available in white, almond and green)
*10 Number memory - store 10 telephone numbers in two touch memory. Press the memo button and a one-digit number on the dial pad.

*ighted keypad - Dial pad illuminates for easy use at night.

*Reciver volume control - Allows you to adjust your handset volume to a more comfertable listening level.

*Mute - Momentarily disconnects microphone so you can talk privately without the caller hearing you.

*Wall mountable - Mounts easily on a standard modular wall bracket or may be used on a table or desk.

*Pulse/Tone switchable - Enables you to switch from pulse to tone dialing. This unit is capable of acessing tone activated computer systems.

*Hearing aid Compatible - This phone can be used with a properly equiped hearing aid.

*Flash Function

Southwestern Bell Caller ID.
Caller ID* With Call Waiting**
64 Name and Number Caller ID*
3-Line LCD Display
3-Line Caller ID* Display
Name and Number
Date and Time
Private/Out of Area
Call Waiting**
Redial Function
Total Call Counter
New Call LED Indicator
Three Language Operation (English, Spanish, French)
Battery Low Icon
LCD Contrast Control
Caller ID* Memory Full Icon

*Requires special service from your local telephone company
**You must have Call Waiting, Caller ID* and Call Waiting Caller ID* service to enjoy this feature

Southwestern Bell Large Key Desk Top Telephone
Extra Large Keys
6 Priority Speed Dials
Receiver Volume Control
Last Number Redial
Flash (Call Wait*)
Ringer Volume Control
Tone/Pulse Switchable
Hearing Aid Compatible
Desk/Wall Mountable
Panasonic KX-T3280 2 line telephone
Features Speakerphone, LCD Base Display, Multi-Line Conferencing, Mute
Advanced Features -
Messaging Features -
Lines Supported 2
Caller-ID Memory -
Number of Speed Dial Presets 28
Record Time -
Status LEDs -

AT&T 954 - 4 Line Intercom/Speakerphone
Page and Intercom
Handsfree Speakerphone
3-Party Conferencing
LCD Display
36-Number Memory - This feature allows you to program up to 36 phone numbers for easy dialing.
Auto Line Select/Auto Redial
Do Not Disturb
Speakerphone And Receiver Volume Control
Call Transfer
Separate Ringer Controls
Hearing Aid Compatible
Expands to 12-station, 8-line system
Wall Mountable
Modular Installation
Selectable Dialing
Programmable Pause
Compatible with 3-Line Intercom Speakerphone 843 and the older 4 line 854
Convenience Jack on line 2
AT&T 900 MHz Cordless Telephone
10 Number Memory
900MHZ Transmission
Headset Compatible
Page/Handset locator helps locate the handset when away from the base
Out of Range Alert emits audible beeps when the phone moves out of the range of the base
Auto ON/OFF when removing or returning the handset to the base
Low Battery Indicator beeps to indicate it's time to recharge/change the battery
Belt Clip allow you to attach the phone to your belt
Flash allows easy access to Call Waiting and other similar services
Redial the last number called
Selectable Dialing allows you to use the phone with rotary or touch tone service
Temporary Tone provides temporary access to touch tone signals
Hearing Aid Compatible with inductively coupled hearing aids
Table or Wall mountable
Improved talk time up to 10 hours
Quick Charge fully charges the handset battery in 6 hours
Advanced Channel Auto Select automatically selects the clearest channel
Handset Receiver Volume Control provides 5 different volume level selections
Mute allows you to hear your caller, but prevents the caller form hearing you
Ringer ON/OFF allows you to turn the ringer off, preserving the handset battery life
Selectable Ringer Sounds provides easy selection of 4 different ringer sounds

KX-TG240 Panasonic cordless phone
Panasonic KX-TG240 2.4 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum cordless with digital answerer & digital duplex speakerphone. Pager Call can beep you when you receive a message. Intercom/handset locator. Headset jack and belt clip. Lighted handset keypad. Wall mountable. Color: black. NO Caller ID
KX-TC1451 Panasonic cordless phone speakerphone, headset jack, in black or white
New Panasonic KX-TC1451 900MHz cordless is loaded with features, at an amazingly low price. Speakerphone with second touch-tone pad in base. Lighted touch-tone pad in handset. Two-way paging with intercom and handset locator. 15-# speed dial. Hold button on base. Headset jack and belt clip. This is one of the few cordless phones available in white. Speakerphone is NOT digital duplex like more expensive models.

Ultra Charge 4-hour battery charging system with self-cleaning battery contacts. Up to 21-day standby battery life. Up to 8-hour talk time. 3-Level handset volume control. 30-Channel auto scanning. Sound Charger,Plus noise reduction. Hold/Flash/Pause/Redial. Switchable tone/pulse dialing. Adjustable ringer (Off/Low/High). Wall mountable.

KX-TC1731 Panasonic cordless phone answerer & Caller ID/Call Waiting, in black or white
The new 900 MHz KX-TC1731 has an illuminated 3-line LCD display on the back of its handset, so you can see who's calling even when the handset is in the base.
Digital answering with 15-minute record time. Call Waiting Caller ID lets you see the name and number of an incoming caller, even while you're on another cleaning battery contacts. Up to 21-Day Standby Battery Life. Up to 8-Hour Talk Time. call. Caller ID pager call. 50-Station Caller ID Memory & Direct Dialer. Ultra Charge 4-Hour Battery Charging System. Positive Charge self-
15-Station speed dialer (up to 21 digits). 3-Level handset volume control. 30-Channel auto scanning. Handset locator. Sound Charger, Plus noise reduction technology. Flash/Pause/Redial. Switchable Tone/Pulse Dialing. Adjustable Ringer (Off/Low/High). Wall Mountable.

Southwestern Bell FF915 Freedom Phone
Analog 900MHz cordless telephone
40 channel autoscan
Call Waiting/Caller ID
99 number call log
Caller ID redial
LCD with clock
10 number dialing memory
Battery model not available

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